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How to make a pop-up-book.

Buy as MANY pop up books that you can possibly afford.. this way, if you are stuck, you may rip them apart and figure out how they did it (although in my case just sit staring at the Sabuda alice in wonderland book with amazement... convincing yourself, as i did, to incorporate magic mushrooms in your creation

step 2
Steal someones bunny rabbit.. reasons. you need a friend when you are playing with paper who likes it as much as you do.

find psychedelic colours to make you happy, this way, you feel a sense of a warped existence, and thus, you can 'feel' the art!?

play with water...

adds to effectiveness of mushroom giddiness...

chase a mushroom person running down the street

and are convinced you saw him just float away to heaven?

look down the shroom and see a baby screaming at you
you feel queasy

mmm evacuate back to a white basic... remove yourself to the staples. breathe. white

and.. welcome to my lost forest

"happy endin'".

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