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A New Photography Website

New inspirations, New Years, more travels, more falling for everything, more shots, more women, more forms, more blurry messes, more exhibits, more hearts, more eyes, more books, more touches, more people, more work!

So this year has been large... and next year to be larger, more uniform, more full of rhythmic weeks, and less tired eyes. So i bring to you the end of this year, and the beginning of a new one, in my photography website.

After much delegation, to see how to put film, photography and splashes of art, and personality, i put together carastrickerphotography at

A place for work, exhibitions, books (virtual/print), short films, animation,
but mostly uniformity.

It is here that you can find a portfolio of things that have been and for things to come. Some which you may have seen, and others that have only now have the appropriate place to publish. Watch this space fill.

A mountain of content still warm in my HD to add, this will give you a taste of things to come.

Thank you for reading, and off to japan, to open the lens and give you a colourful black and white view of the world, to publish on my return.