© cara stricker


A transit full of festive day Dancers

Through the eye of the coloured twinkling gypsie crystal,
hangs the tales of things found on a trail lost on the clouds of someone elses story.

sometimes we stand there, and fall into it.
And know it better than that of our own world.

One that was so unfamiliar covered by falling snow of the clouds. A white canvas full of a different beat, irregularly off.

look back. A reflection of the beholder.


Midnight Juggers in London

Photos -> Art Gallery/Gig Venue London, last show before,..

Now - > Jumping festivals like rabbits on heat.

epic, dark, met some aliens

Also check out the new clip - it is quite amazing

Entire Album


static motion

A taste of European blood does not make you a vampire. Unless like most,
one may like to live out his days as nights and stitch together the transit mode,
by white and red pieces of thread.



red, delicious bite size wav boxes

Welcome to the wilder meaning. A transit language of conversational tones
to be understood with a confident intuition.