© cara stricker


Red Hot

Indescreet and non descript

Red, luscious, a room full of the fever that takes over a country turning from the green bushiness to the red rosey trails of sweepy leaves falling to floor. An autumn whisper chills the spine, and creates the lure of deep heat, one held between two, breaths seen slowly as they escape and roll over the tonsils. sink me sick.


When in rome, or a new house

All there is to do in winter,
is close the doors, put on some animalistic beanies, and do what the animals do,
maintain heat and have a house warming...

and then greet sunrise ready to invite the hypbernation process, skipping the days melding into nights.

sunset becomes the new dawn


Champaigne and all the other c's

The feminine female form
and the space it melds into...

sanctuaries of mind...
the inspiration of ones home builds into the heart of her eyes... a window to her soul

where's the bunny?bunny



123 amazing

123 amazing
at the excelsior hotel

a little bit of joy division... allusions are expressions of inspirations

(photo album)


In the Land of Red roses

fafinette, cheeky boger

a laneway... oh the...... happy times

a laneway... secrets are opened



a walk into the wild...


nothing happened here. it is all an area of nothingness,
everything but the space....
a land of creation,

The romantic expression of the self-portrait as an art piece is very important. The self-portrait presented as an artist expression moves the voice of the personal expression to a pure form of philosophy. Art, in accordance to the Kantian System, allows us to connect to the world as it provides the link between the “fact of reason” within society, and our freedom of speech. The self-portrait can therefore effectively express the essence of our being, as it bounds together both the seer and the sensory world, and thus illuminate the indivisibility that exists within it, the flesh. The photographs within this the self portrait represent fragments, as they lay within the realm of beauty, caught within moments of the seers sense of self, their experiential being. The photograph maintains stillness, paralleling the voice of Rosemarie Waldrop’s Poem Blindsight, “for you beautiful ones, my thought will not change.” A moment may come and be lost, but the beauty, a.k.a. the flesh, captured within a photograph, although maintains still, continuingly evolves through the beauty created from a wild meaning.