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V Fest

Roll around the ground, look at the sky, as trying to hear the music was harder than what seemed to meet the eye. A day of care free freedom, accompanied with a sound system that was larger than life, and yet failed to project sideways. No worries though, we all seemed to go that way by the end.



LA... la di da land

Los Angeles - i lost the angels

Chris Kennedy

mmm lynchi baby. If your a lynch fan check out Wild At Heart. warmed mine.

The land where the image is created. The birth of the media beast.

Snow ballin

Aspen, Colarado

mmmmmm white lucious snow
best snow fall in 57 years. Good ol cab drivers know their facts!

rolly poll syd/melb BDO

Homebake 2007
The Midnight Juggernauts

BDO Melbourne

Yet another Big Day Out rolls round the corner.
And it lived far beyond expectation.
One thing i have learn't this year, Melbourne BDO just have it right. Dusty open planes put you in a daze for days on end, compared to the concrete jungle that is Sydney's Homebush.

Quick run down.

  • large, concrete, packed, crazy people with stars all over their back, concrete, concrete, people, concrete, bangers and mash, animal pen, bus, fizzy drinks, pool party, sore legs
  • plane hop
  • hotel, peace, hot, sushi, jack daniels, roof top bars, beers, sand, smiles, BJORK (nuf said).. everything else goes hazy, fainted.

This collection of photographs colliding with spools of film filled with Homebake shots.

123 amazing

Hot lil ladies pumping out some wicked tracks.


presenting 123 amazing

NYE... feels like yesterday

Although NYE is quite a long time ago, the sun today reminded me of the feeling that washed over everyone in the week of dreams.
Here was mine.


seeing the world in black and white

Well then I thought I may as well introduce the first batch of photographs in the fashion that i love most:
black and white film.
To get up to date, these photographs i display are vast majority film, and the current batch, beginning from the festive season of summer.


The Beginning - How we play....

An open plane of my eyes. My first post of my first blog of my first organization of the exhibition and enjoyment of what i see for you.

Topics, showing everything that is of the 'wild meaning' that we play in.

Playing amongst
  • music
  • festivals
  • adventures
  • inspirations