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Bilinear presents a capsule collection created by New York based knitwear designer, TALIA SHUVALOV
Premiering last week in Florence at PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI, amongst an instillation presented by ZEGNA BARUFFA, the film explores 
the way in which the garments behave and move on the body in the 3rd dimension, and how they are presented and mediated in the 2nd dimension.

Collection by TALIA SHUVALOV
Featuring SAM YPMA
M/U and Hair by STOJ B

You can also see the film at VS MAGAZINE and RUSSH

More on the collection:

BILINEAR - the collection
The collection featured 6 knitted dresses utilizing Zegna Baruffa yarns with experimental knitting and weaving techniques. The conceptual inspiration came from a fascination with issues of dimension that designers are forced to overcome in the fashion world of today. The new ‘virtual space’ somewhere between the physical and virtual created through the use online Boutiques, editorial and magazine poses issues of dimension, where realities move between two dimensions and three dimensions more frequently. Technological advancements in the way we utilize and consume clothing has inspired the way in which Tali approaches her own design process. Online boutiques add a new ‘dimension’ to the way in which we consume, utilize and ultimately design clothing. The designer traditionally works through a process in a range of dimensions ultimately ending in a three dimensional sphere. However mediation of fashion and clothing due to technological advancements adds a new two dimensional layer to the process before the garment in reality becomes three dimensional again. Tali is particularly interested in how to deal with this multitude of dimensions in her personal design process.

Tali's approach to this issue explores the flatlands of structural packaging. Further she followed the dimensions of packaging from consumption to usage. Tali has tried to translate the way one would approach purchasing and utilizing a ‘flat-pack’ box to the way we consume and wear clothing. So clothing would be consumed in two dimensions, and then in reality be received in two dimensions. The way the forbearer chooses to wear the garment results in the clothing becoming three-dimensional. This would mean that the mediation of the clothing would represent more accurately the reality of what is being purchased. The collection explores knitwear techniques which form horizontal joints in the fabric allowing for the garments to move in a more structurual and durable way. The fabrics are reversable and some garments layered representative of the tabs of boxes overlaping when constructed. The result is clothing that is two dimensional in aesthetic, becoming three dimensional through the wearer.

BILINEAR - the film
The film, created and directed by Cara Stricker, explores this concept; the way in which the garments behave and move on the body in the 3rd dimension, and how they are presented and mediated in the 2nd dimension. 
In an effort to explore knitwear's construction, the elements are separated from one another and structurally re-allign, resultant in a film which reflects a collection that is, "two dimensional in aesthetic, becoming three dimensional through the wearer".


Gigi said...

This is amazing! I loved the atmosphere you created with these beautiful clothes.

Anonymous said...

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