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where is she floating

Lost in the new location of bjb studios, I've found myself to be living amongst my creature creations.... So i thought I'd drop a note and say hello... my web cat i think needs some purrs.

I have been working on HEADPIECES, which divulged from my former film The Dark Side of the Sunny Moon. This is an animated short film, with frame by frame illustration, to capture everything that is touched. A moving world of art pieces put together within thousands of frames. It is about a wolf that falls into a puddle and lands on the moon. In this transient world, he is represented as a boy in a wolf suite, disconnected from earth, unable to get back home.

A still from the film.

As an extension of this transformation, between animal and the innocence of the boy, I began to create headpieces made out of leather and feather. Each one is unique, and as i began to work with the leather, so came about collared necklaces, and bracelets. A combination of dark and light, the collection travels through nature, from the darkness of the beginning of the film, to bring light and colour inspired by the search for self and our experiential existence. So to was born Warflower, the boggle of words to explain my head all compressed into one word. So this is where i have been, in Warflower, creating a world so that others can experience this land aswell.

A real world which you can step into, 50 pieces will be exhibited, on the 28 MAY, amongst an instillation inspired by the film The Dark Side of the Sunny Moon.


More info will be on the invites... sent out sooon...

So where else has Warflower been.... well......

The haunting beauty of Bridezilla, caught my heart, resonating the mood which the pieces would want to sing, if they could. So these beautiful Ladies, amongst the floating Man, are wearing their own personally inspired headpieces on stage, as well as performing at the Opening night of Wallflower by Warflower.

Bridezilla with Warflowers on stage at Golden Plains Festival

Some exerts from a review in Mess and Noise :

"As Bridezilla start their Sunday set, with d├ęcolletage and headbands on show......

The material is so strong it doesn’t need buttressing from wild gesticulations.

(Holiday) Carmen-Spark, in particular, conjures a mood of ominous languor with ease that belies her young age. It never feels false. In fact, it’s disarming in its heartfelt delivery.

If Bridezilla’s “situation” has a future, it’s definitely looking brighter."
- JP Hammond

So to accentuate the hand touched feel behind the Film and the Warflower pieces, I have photographed the look book and am currently cracking down on Flash animation for the website, so that each aspect of the Warflower world is strong with its original vision.

A lil sneak peak from the look book:

And something that you may remember, one of the pieces shot for LOVER the Label's collection LOVE BOMB:

Other exciting news.......

The Dark Side of the Sunny Moon was accepted into the Indie Spirit Film Fest in Colorado and will screen at Colorado Springs on the 26th April.

well you will hear from me soon

with a website that you can play with..

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jefske said...

wowow. exciting news!

Melanie said...

just stumbled across you blog. you're one clever lady! i LOVE the headpieces. congrats, sounds like you'll be a great success!