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What did sydney morning herald say, "the big day out for adults"

well put. or just music fans. Amazing day, amazing music, amazing weather, amazing seclusion...
As we slowly rocked toward the island of cockatoo, the black amongst the rock stood out like a comforting entrance into a land holding music. The idea of being stuck on an island in 30 degree heat is not exactly enticing, but the second you walked off the boat, your head and heart were transported to a world which you could walk forever. Intoxicating energy from the bands, opening ones eyes to new sounds which roll all over your senses. Bridezilla opening with Holiday's haunting voice, the time stops and then skips as the show finishes and you've fallen for their red seduction. Afrirampo then takes your bliss and blows your mind. They chant, "WE WANT, TO HAVE A PARTY, AT NICK CAVES HOUSE, IN MELBOURNE, WITH HIS FAMILY" a Japaneses accent strait from Osaka. The crowd YELLS, as they scream to eachother and then throw themselves into a crowd. An upside down floor tom bounces rapidly into the crowd as they escape in flurry of red flamed feathers screaming, singing pounding. And then there gone. The eyes roll and as a twisting cat exhibition fits correctly into the psyche of the day; on the top of a mountain in sweltering heat, missing water, as the wine parches your thought twisting it to coloured imaginations. Louis Wain's cats send you through the days proceedings: happy cats eating together, turning into coloured crazed cats with their eyes popping out of their bodies in an attempt to escape the whirwind downfall of what they knew as their reality.
Rowland.S Howard grounds you down again, as his voice messages you back to ground. Micro sleeps of a cradled floating human. Time is lost, faces are found, you are within so many poles walking around, as the sun is taken over by bright lights pounding from the stage. Nick Cave, the stares are uniformed around a tent, intoxicated, in awe. Sitting on a rail, i watched the moan of his voice fill us all with passion.... to be left only with a sense of satisfaction.
And once again we are rocked to sleep, on the waves which take us home.

grinter + soph -- the food/wine handlers

Afrirampo Girls jump into the crowd

Afrirampo's drummer after the show... cool calm and collected

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jefske said...

Beaaaaaaautiful photos as always
I was too destroyed to go but it looked amazing =(