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Pnau - - - - -8.08.08 - - - - - Hordern Pavillion)

Dropping a sea of watered lights to swim on a raving sound of acid licking music.

An array of 'feeling' photos.... to kind of make you feel like pnau have transported you to their own land.

Some Photos I took for them on the 08.08.08....

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naomi said...

cara your photo's are just soooo beautiful. they make my heart beat!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lewis Loudhailer said...


I look after the band's press in the UK and we absolutely love the live colour shot with the lights that is towards the end of the set and has both Nick and Pete in shot

We are looking for a shot to go with a piece about the new album for next year in a UK music mag and I was wondering if you would be prepared to let us use the shot for this one piece if we can get it at a usable file size.

I hope you don't mind me asking, it's the best shot we have found hence the request, if you are up for talking about this drop me a line to or to the Gmail account it has identified me at