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dogs dogs dogs, DRAGONS dogs dogs, cat MOW dog DRAGONS

a beaUtiful airdale

Animals. How can one live at home without them.. the love and affection, a smoosh of a nose onto your face to show how much they adore you. So you do back, and get a sloober lick across your nose/face and if your lucky (?) mouth! cheeky monkey!

I would like to testify that we are animals.. and thus make noises to send our love to them (of cause they can understand us.. they are our animal!) Their eyes and squashed noses attract me from afar... bizzare in nature, they are the quirkiest of all!

love love love love love to my crazy four stumped legged friends.... RUN AROUND UNTIL YOU HIT A TREE....

or a brainwave of food, mmm bum, scratch, territory, new smell, wee, dog poo, smell, scratch, MUM run MUM FOOD FOOD mmm bum.

illen on a a couch or bench or tree or sand or grass... just being, soft, dazed gorgeous, kind friendly, friends.

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